Meet the Staff

From Pamela: Co-Editor


My nightly routine usually involves nail painting and watching Charlie Rose on PBS. Does that tell you enough? I can’t seem to shake Idaho off my clothes. Its desert landscapes cling to my brain fuzzies and show up in my work way too often. If you ever meet me, you’ll notice my nervous side glances and thick, frizzy hair immediately. I guarantee it. For now, I’m writing poems and creative nonfiction, and working really hard to help other girls understand the power and value of their own art and stories.

From Sarah: Co-Editor

cali beach pic

My name is Sarah “KK” Johnson, I’m 23, and I live on a quasi-farm just outside of Boise, Idaho with my family, two goats, eight chickens, and three cats. One of the things I most look forward to every day is waking up to that famous Idaho sunrise and wide open sky. While I love to travel and am often dreaming of overseas adventures, I know that wherever life leads me, Idaho will always be the home of my heart, and I will always return.

What drew me to GirlSense and Nonsense is the fact that it felt like a safe haven for girls and women to use their available means to speak, to create, to imagine, to thrive. I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of something that is so near to my heart, and it is my sincere hope that women and girls in Idaho and beyond will come to know GirlSense and Nonsense as a refuge, a platform, a second home.

From Chloe: Design Assistant


My age is 15 years, I’m from Kuna, Idaho and have lived here all my life. A few interests I have are drawing, doing makeup, photography, and writing and reading numerous stories. I got involved with GirlSense & NonSense at first because I was excited to have a chance to showcase my artwork, and about the whole idea of a magazine that promotes young women artists. Later, when I found out that GirlSense & NonSense was searching for an intern, I got excited first because managing social media is something that I already love to do, secondly because I’ve always wanted to work as an intern, thirdly because I wanted to be involved with something that believes in what GirlSense & NonSense does, and lastly because I think that it is a great magazine.

From Hailie: Intern Coordinator/Digital Content Coordinator


I am 19 years old. I was born and raised in Nampa, Idaho. I suppose my largest interest in life is forensics; speech and debate has captured my attention for so much of my life. I also recently began fencing and that has quickly become a captivating hobby and a good ice breaker. Besides that, I enjoy shopping for clothes that most think are too old for anyone under 40, reading the news under the assumption someone will talk about with me (an assumption I should have abandoned long ago), and just about any discussion with anyone especially those who are considered outcasts in society.I joined GirlSense and Nonsense because I believe that supporting young female artists is the prerequisite to gaining equality. Art is a form of discourse and discourse will always shape our reality. The discourse that comes from this magazine is an important step in achieving feminist goals.

From Liv: Social Media Intern


My name is Liv LuVisi, I am 20 years young, and I am currently living in Boiling Springs, North Carolina where I attend college at Gardner-Webb University! However, Kuna, Idaho is, and will always be, home. I am a double major in Broadcast Journalism and Professional Writing, and I am going to college to be a radio DJ! It’s my biggest passion, because I believe music brings people together and can put into words the thoughts and emotions we sometimes cannot. I am a creative soul, and I love reading, writing, commercial and runway modeling, acting, graphic design, photography, videography, radio DJ-ing, and competing in pageants. I also enjoy going on adventures, especially wake boarding – you’ll find me out on the boat at Lucky Peak or hiking Swan Falls and admiring the views most weekends during the summer! I am so excited to be working as a social media intern with GirlSense & NonSense, because I am all for empowering and inspiring women! If anyone has ever told you that you can’t, show them that you can and that you will.

From Emily: Social Media Intern


My name is Emily, I am twenty years old, and I live in Memphis, Tennessee. Right now I am studying Film and Video Production and Art at the University of Memphis, and whatever career I end up in, I hope it involves travel. love writing about people and taking photographs of clouds. I drive way too fast, and I say “y’all” way too much. I spend more time than is necessary on social media, and I’m almost always listening to music. I like being called by my last name more than my first, maybe because it’s less common. I have an obsession with fashion magazines and film cameras. I’m most likely to be found at the movies or local sushi restaurants. Most importantly, you should know I am a dog person.

From Alexis: Social Media Intern


I’m Alexis Standley, but you can call me Alpal! I am 22 years old with a degree in Marketing and Management. I have a passion for beauty and plan to use my degree in the cosmetic industry. I am loud, crazy, and weird all the time! I would love to travel the world and share my passion. I came across the ad for the Twitter intern position not knowing much about GirlSense and Nonsense. Come to find out, it is a powerful digital magazine that I am honored to be a part of. The idea behind this magazine is so inspiring and it is a great outlet for women. I hope it benefits everyone in the ways it already has with me!

From Kelsey: Kuna High School Liaison


I’m 16 and I live in Boise. I love participating in sports and activities, and working together with my teammates! I like to spend my time working out in the gym or on the track. I feel most complete on the beach looking at the ocean and listening to the waves crash on the shore. Home is on the softball field where I show my full capabilities to my friends, family, and cheering crowds. I hope this venture will make me a better artist and person, and the same is achieved for every girl who courageously participates in GirlSense & NonSense.

From Brittany: Cole Valley High School Liaison


I’m 16 and I grew up in Boise and plan to stay until I graduate high school. I go to Cole Valley Christian High School and have since I was in Kindergarten. I enjoy working out and being outdoors. Summer is when I thrive! My friends and family are big influences in my life and I hope this magazine can be one in yours!

From Kaylie: North Junior High Liaison


Hi, my name is Kaylie. I’m 13 and I go to North Junior High. My hobbies include archery, photography, writing books and poems, drawing, and art. There’s nothing I love more than friends and socializing. I hope you take advantage of this awesome magazine and submit your work! Have fun!


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