Fall 2015: Meet the Artists

The Fall 2015 Issue of GirlSense & NonSense Magazine will be released this Friday, October 2nd. Subscribe to GS&NS and receive your free digital copy!

Meet the artists and writers featured in the upcoming Fall 2015 Issue:

Olivia Vande Woude


17, Charlottesville, VA
“Olivia Vande Woude has been writing for most of her life and is an intern at Tupelo Press Teen Writing Center, where she is co-editor of the Crossroads Anthology. Her work has been featured in Literary Orphans, Stepping Stones Magazine, Poetry Space U.K, and Canvas literary magazine.”

Bronia Sawyer


33, United Kingdom
“I am both confident and full of doubt. I feel a sadness but am also full of the joys of this world and am happy to be alive.”

Sydney McNeill


23, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
sydney is a human girl from edmonton, ab who dislikes capital letters, expectations and moths. she likes the small moments that slip through everyone’s fingertips all the time.

Rashell Flescher


15, Watford City, ND
“Find what you love, and let it kill you” – Charles Bukowski

Megan Wheeler


18, Kuna, ID
“I spent hours trying to think of something to describe myself, but still couldn’t think of anything.
I think that says something about me in itself.”

Kaitlinn Rose


22, New York City, NY
“Adventure seeker, listener of stories, creator of prose, snorter when laughing. I am a city dweller, and rather audacious young lady with a very old soul.”

Jess Viole


21, Charlotte, NC
“I am a 21 year old Education Major, who loves way too much including but not limited to: life, long boarding, hammocking, family, music, sports, hiking, people, culture, and the occasional night out on the town.”

Courtney H.

15, New Jersey
“I love to write papers and stories that involve doing some type of research so that I can learn more about certain topics.”

A.J. Huffman


41, Ormond Beach, FL
“A.J. Huffman likes words and dogs more than people.”

Lauren Long

image1 (1)

23, Birmingham, AL
“I have a writers heart, there’s a sure-fire way to tell. Place a pen in my hand and I’ll write like hell.”

Fatima Tall


17, Caldwell, ID
“I recite my poetry while driving, showering, and even eating. I am sure someone thinks I am possessed or just obsessed with hearing myself talk. “

Emily Tierney

Oregon City, OR

Becca Leap

Shelby, NC

GirlSense & NonSense is seeking writing and essays from women in the military. To find out more, contact us via email at girlsensenonsense@gmail.com.


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