To My Younger Self


Dear Freshman Girl With Frizzy Brown Hair,

  1. You are not your parents or your family.
    You can be different. You can have different dreams and purple hair, but you’re never less. Never.
  2. Procrastination is fear.
    Practice, fail, try again – but just try. Try every day.
  3. Own it.
    Own your body, your politics, your passions, your mistakes – be you.
  4. Say the wrong thing.
    Say something. Your silence tastes like a poison. Just spit it out already.
  5. Reject your inheritance.
    Your culture and religion were given to you. Put it all away for a second and open your mind to new ideas. God (the universe or whatever) gave you a brain too. Use it.
  6. Be gentle. Be kind.
    People will disappoint you and you will disappoint yourself. We all suck at some point so be empathetic and look for the good. It’s there.

College Grad Girl With Frizzy Brown Hair


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