#GirlsWriteBack: “An Issue”

#GirlsWriteBack is a summer writing project hosted by the GirlSense & NonSense Blog.
It features weekly essays, poems, and fiction by young women writers responding to news headlines.

An Issue

By Jamie Sugai

A Response to Ex-NAACP Leader Rachel Dolezal: ‘I identify as black’” By Greg Botelho, CNN


We are starting to become a world where people are accepted and it’s not an issue.
Caitlin Jenner has made it to the cover.
Ellen DeGeneres is the face of daytime talk shows.
Tyler Oakley is a leader for today’s youth.
Laverne Cox is the star of everyone’s favorite show.

You can dress how you’d like.
You can become the gender you’ve always felt.
You can date the people you want.
You can decide not to give into society’s expectations.

Do all these things for you and your happiness.
There are still struggles with these things but
You don’t have anything to prove to anyone.
And it’s no longer an issue.

You have the right to be who you always feel you are.
But when you do it just for attention,
Or whatever invalid reason,
That’s an issue.
When you say that you have a problem with blackface,
But you put it on every day,
That’s an issue.


When you claim to have a black family,
But you’ve denied your real family,
That’s an issue.

When you claim to have a life of survival,
But what you’ve portrayed is just a lie,
That’s an issue.

Everyone has the right to live the life they want
And be who they really are,
If that’s really who they feel they are.
Just for attention is an issue.

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