Meet the Spring 2015 Issue Artists

Hey friends!

GS&NS staff has been busy (read: overwhelmed) with page designs
and edits
and emails
and remembering to tweet all of these things because Twitter is so important
and worrying about when we’ll actually have time to watch Tina Fey’s new show
and wondering which color to paint our nails now that it’s all spring-like outside
and…(I think you get the picture now).

We’re also busy being mesmerized by all of the wonderful writing, art, and photography submitted for this issue. We’re also completely in love with our little community and appreciate the support of people across the country as we approach
3,000 blog views and
100 magazine subscribers and
100 Instagram followers and
over 200 Facebook likes.
Thank you for supporting young female artists and honoring their stories by listening and caring about what they have to say. You’re all gems, for sure.

The following artists are young women featured in our upcoming Spring Issue. Their art is honest, provoking, and beautiful. Get to know them and then show your support by subscribing to the magazine, and sharing their work. You and the world will be better for it.

Savannah Stroebel
15, Kuna, ID

“Literature has always been there for me! I have many passions such as agricultural activities, but I love to end the day with either a pen or book in hand.”

Morgan Yardis
15, Fairfield, CT

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
“Simple mind, single lense.”

Chelsey R. Abramson
16, Kuna, ID

“I am a textaholic, sassy, nicki minaj loving weirdo who has no life. My favorite things are color guard and singing :)”

Fatima Tall
17, Caldwell, ID

“I am told I’m too loud for my own good, but I don’t mind because it means at least someone’s listening. I and many others have a voice that wants to be heard and my goal is to make sure that they all are.”

Rashell Flescher
15, Caldwell, ID
Poetry & Photograpy

“A couch potato, a hopeless romantic, a #1 Procrastinator, and a ultimate passion for writing.”

jamie sugai
14, Kuna, ID

Jamie Sugai
“In a sea of schoolwork, social media, and yearbook work, I have a strong passion for creating. The art supplies store or a concert venue might just be my favorite locations ever.”

Sarah Hable
15, Kuna, ID

“I’m fairly rambunctious, watch Doctor Who religiously, and have a obsession with Marvel. I also tend to write at all hours instead of doing my homework, oops!”

rachel anna
22, Boise, ID

“It’s hard for me to describe exactly what kind of art I create, for a long time I could hardly admit that I was an artist. As I develop more and more of my own style I am starting to realize exactly what that style is. Simply put I would say my style is a cross between realism with abstract colors. “

Experience the talent and passion of these young women by subscribing to the magazine and receiving a free digital copy of the Spring Issue, available Sunday, March 15th. 

With love,



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